When discovering other people, remember that my recommendations are from personal experience only - people who have inspired me, colleagues, friends. As we are all different people, having had different experiences, and are at different stages in life, always discern for what is appropriate for you regardless of what anyone says - trust yourself and follow your intuition. Take every opportunity to learn, to grow, to evolve into your greatest version of yourself with kindness.


Health and well-being:

Refresh Yoga - Patti McBain's great for yummy yoga or meditation. She also offers teacher training for yoga and meditation.

Heartforce - Jenny's a wonderful life coach and mentor.

Coretrue - Julie has a wealth of knowledge and insight to offer through her nursing experience and provides clinical supervision. She is also an accredited life coach and mentor.

Internal Spark Wellness - Deb's Naturopathic remedies works wonders.

Jewel Consultancy - Arlene has the training, experience and self-mastery tools to help you compassionately and wholeheartedly lead yourself. She is also an accredited life coach.

New Psychology - Dr Elinor van Ommen is the best psychologist I know

Loving Change - Jen's bowen is so good! I have been amazed at what I have been able to heal through attending bowen sessions combined with general healthy practices (exercising daily, healthy food, plenty of water), and life coaching. She also offers life coaching.

Dr Jenna (Jennifer) Cornell is the best medical doctor I know (She can be found at Yanchep Medical Centre)

Acturian Light - Nerida is an amazing light, artist, healer and mentor.

Return to Sacredness - Ewa has a gentle, nurturing approach to life coaching, mentoring and the classes she runs.

Better Bowen - Reinette has a nurturing and gentle approach. She is a bowen therapist and a life coach.

Source Centre - Linda Koen is the best counsellor I know. I love her meditation CDs. She also offers a Diploma of Holistic Counselling for anyone that would like to learn how to become a Holistic Counsellor.

Wholeness Training - Linda and Dr Elinor's amalgamation of continuing professional development for Psychologists, Counsellors and those in the helping professions.

Enlightened Naturopathy - Amy's holistic approach to Naturopathy is very comprehensive. She has so much wisdom to share.

Harmonic Coaching - James holds a safe space for you to explore who you are and what you're made of.

Wholeness Healing - Jacqui has a nurturing approach to her guided meditations.

The Heart of Meditation Love Eternal - Nigel offers a simple and accessible approach to meditation.

Holistic Ways - Jane offers body work (reflexology and massage therapy), and has a holistic, firm but gentle approach to life coaching.

Soul Shift - Andrea offers life coaching, mentoring as well as self awareness and meditation classes. She's delightful to work with.

Conversations with Belle - Belle offers self-care support to Carers. Belle has experience as a Duty Worker, Youth Care Worker, Dual Diagnosis Carer and Carer Peer Support. She has worked at Windana Therapeutic Community, Tandana Place, The Salvation Army Eastcare Therapeutic Services and Eastern Health.


Eldery Wisdom:

Wisdom Heart - The Ageing R-Evolution Project - Lorraine Town facilitates this 4-week program which educates our Elders about their end-of-life choices on many levels. Also heart-based Meditation classes & Mentoring



The Love Finders Band - I love the standard of ethics these guys hold as musicians. They play an extensive variety of music and provide a family friendly environment.

Rupert Guenther - Amazing violinist, music teacher and mentor.

Miles Moody (Red Bubble, Deviant Art) - Wonderful creator of images and story.

Anne Errey - One of the most amazing artists and artist mentors I've ever worked with

Adrian Price Vocal Studio - This guy has some cool vocal workshops like Transforming Singing Anxiety


Architecture, Design and marketing:

Pierre Designs - Michelle creates beautiful designs, logo, branding, digital marketing and print management.

Sketchup Training - Adrian offers an online course for architectural design modelling.



Authentic IT - Cam has extensive experience and IT knowledge, so much to contribute.


Work place:

EvolveAtWork - Lisa brings wonder, exploration and joy to bringing out the best in staff. She is also a trainer.


Kids programs:

Little Gumnuts - Lee-Anne's nature-based play with the little ones also works with building healthy self-esteem. There are also holiday programs.

Courageous Hearts - Peta and Lee-Anne's after school classes for kids, creating self-awareness and mindfulness.

Dance Creations - Terrie teaches ballet to children aged 2.5-11 as well as youth aged 12-19



The Source Hairdressing - Sophia's beautiful salon and creative hair styles uses hair products that are up to 98% natural.



Global Coaching Academy - Belinda's got a wonderful course - a Diploma of Mentoring, Coaching and Interpersonal Facilitation. I highly recommend it.



Perth Self Exploration Meetup - Antoinette and myself run self-development classes during the week and weekend.

Perth Self Mastery - Personal Spiritual Alchemy - Cam and Nathan run their journey to self-mastery classes during the week.

Heart Centred Path - Lorraine offers meditation

Conscious Human - Spiritual & Alchemical Mastery - Lauren and Nathan run spiritual and alchemical mastery classes.

Strengthening The Inner You - Adrian (multi-talented guy) also runs weekly classes to support singers, performers and anyone who is interested in learning how to end their dysfunctional patterns and cycles that no longer serve them; to change and grow, aligning to a new way of being.


Favourite Quote

"If you're going through hell, keep going."
Winston Churchill

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