This is where acknowledging there is someone a few steps ahead of you in some respect - may it be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual skills - who is acting as a guide for how to approach life differently. This saves you valuable time and energy - instead of going at it alone through trial and error, someone else who has already been through the trial and error shares what works. However, it is you who does the change. The power is yours.


Arts Mentoring

Arts available for mentoring include, fine art (painting, sculpting, drawing, origami), music (voice, piano, composition, improvisation) and writing (stories, poetry).
Mentoring session up to 1 hour for $65.

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Spiritual Mentoring

One-on-one spiritual mentoring session where if there are specific things in your life - they might be of a more private nature. This is a space to receive direct feedback whether it be the next thing to work on, improve, heal or explore. Perhaps you'll receive more specifics to dealing with your spiritual practices and how to approach something you might be struggling with, or perhaps you're doing great and there's a clearer, brighter and more loving way to approach something.

Mentoring session up to 30 minutes for $35.

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Favourite Quote

"If you're going through hell, keep going."
Winston Churchill

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