How often do you say, "I'll like myself when...[complete the sentence]"?
What would it be like if you fully accepted yourself?


Self-Development with a Kick™

About this series of classes
Work with a qualified Life Coach and learn how to:
Have enough self-respect to say "NO!" when required
Create the life you love
Follow your dreams
Nurture your soul
Create healthy self-esteem

These classes can bolster your existing commitment to your current goals.

Explore things like:
What would happen if you did your personal best? (and stopped holding yourself back)
Gratitude and its effects on your life


Sundays 2-3pm

Cost: $10

Call Faith on 0402 979 087 to book your place or see if this is something that's suitable for you.

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Favourite Quote

"If you're going through hell, keep going."
Winston Churchill

Let's go on an adventure together

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