What is psychic protection or energetic hygiene?

It’s a series of tools to clear your auric system (Your auric system includes your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies).
These bodies tend to accumulate a whole bunch of toxins, debris from experiences we’ve had that might not have been loving or nurturing to us as a soul. Our experience includes not only what happens physically, but also the emotions, and thoughts had, so it would be a good idea to clear it out once in a while. Just like when you bathe each day and care for your physical body, so too can you clean your emotional body, mind and soul.

These tools can also be used to protect your system from people who might want to leach your energy for their own purposes, which might not be for the highest good of all concerned, not nurturing and not kind. Just like how we secure our house or car to protect anyone off the street from entering, so we can also to the same to our systems.

These protective and nurturing tools can also be used to shield you from negativity. Saying that, you compromise your energy system and the effectivity of the tools when you think negatively or have attacking thoughts or feelings towards yourself or another.

As with everything, the more you practice the tools, the better equipped you become at using them as you go about your day. The more you apply them, the more you will see, feel and reap the rewards.

What’s psychic protection like?
How to get psychic protection

Book in your 15 minute complimentary introduction to the energetic resource today. Your session will be via phone and you will also receive a free resource to continue working with.

During the call you will be shown how to do psychic protection for yourself.


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