"Something that's well-written, beautifully designed or carefully crafted doesn't necessarily make it wise, loving or true. Love, truth and wisdom have more depth than what can be seen or touched, often hiding in plain sight.
Sometimes they're felt - something deep within us recognises that quality and sparks a flare of hope amid somewhat darkness. As if to say, 'Maybe there's something genuine in this world... Maybe our lives haven't been all for nothing... Maybe we can grow from our experiences... Maybe we can love life again...'"

Faith Ransom


It took me years to get this, that nothing is what it seems. I hope that in sharing this with you it'll help you see through sooner, hopefully save you unnecessarily painful learning that (I went though) and be stronger for it. While no one is perfect, pain is part of experiencing life, we can use it as an opportunity to do our best, to grow from it.

Take care out there.

Favourite Quote

"If you're going through hell, keep going."
Winston Churchill

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