Theme of the month: Gratitude
Theme of the month is gratitude, so what's the big deal with it? 
...Why not experiment and find out for yourself?
Gratitude - if you're living in a state of gratitude, constantly grateful for things, the love of life, the smallest things, for the shining sun in the morning, or if you're not a sun shine kind of person, the droplets of water that cascade your window after you've accidentally sprayed them after watering the garden, or a good douce of rain; I've found actively looking for things that I love about life, to be grateful for, there's almost a flowly kind of sense with life and the universe. Feeling yourself as part of the universe, learning with the universe, rather than constantly fighting the world, attempting and failing to assert yourself in the world.

It may take practice, I know certainly for myself, it took many, many times of starting again... and again, persistence is the key with this. Even if you don't feel anything to begin with, remember it's something that's built up over time, it won't happen immediately, so again, perseverance. You might spend a day or two really giving this a go, but a couple of moments of being ungrateful, telling yourself you're a victim undo all your hard efforts quick. Remember, if you do notice you feel like a victim, just start finding something to be grateful for, anything – might be a beating heart, healthy body etc- and you're back on track. Keep going.

I dare you.

Favourite Quote

"If you're going through hell, keep going."
Winston Churchill

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