In difficult times carry something beautiful in your heart.

Blaise Pascal


When I came across this quote, it struck a chord within me. I've found it to be true - reminding yourself of what you love as a means of inspiration while you're undergoing a difficult stage in life. The trick here is, where possible, make the something beautiful you carry in your heart not dependent on things that are temporary and fleeting (e.g. a love of the universe). If you do carry something that is temporary, superficial and fleeting in your heart (and that's perfectly suitable as well - I'll explain why further on), I've found it'll only take you so far before you need to find something that's more genuine and everlasting. The beauty of whether you choose to carry something fleeting or something with more depth in your heart is, they will take you, inspire you as far as you can go with that. I would advise a response of gratitude for the inspiration of the fleeting something, when you now seek for something with more depth - otherwise you find yourself giving up and losing hope an awful lot which is unhelpful.

If you are in a stage where you find that the previous thing that you kept in your heart no longer serves you, I advise you keep seeking until you find the next beautiful something to carry in your heart. The key here is hope, persistence - keep going, keep searching. When you continue to search, you will eventually find - even your brain subconsciously starts looking for things that will support you, if you apply yourself in this way. When you actively choose to give up hope, that is to not only your own detriment, but also to those around you (regardless if those people appear to be pitted against you or not). If you find yourself here - hopeless, find a way to start yourself up again. The intrinsic soul of which you are is worth fighting for. The life you have dreamed of is worth fighting for, and even if all the things in your life seem to have come to fruition, you have all the things you wanted and you find that you're still feeling empty, then it wasn't the "things" in your life that you were actually fighting for and seeking, it was actually something deeper. What was the deeper feeling? Was it authenticity? A yearning for freedom? Was it a desire to love and be loved? Those are the things that actually are the spark that kept you going so keep following them.

Favourite Quote

"If you're going through hell, keep going."
Winston Churchill

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