How are we actually going? Faith Ransom

How are we actually going?

Let’s take stock again. Given every situation is about whether we choose to respond to life with unconditional love and above (Love given freely without expectation of return or to evolve), or in a state of fear, how have we actually gone?

Have we genuinely chosen to evolve? Struggled to keep up with what’s going on, struggled but fighting for evolution, to still be a kind and compassionate person regardless of how our neighbor might have just bought the last toilet roll because they’re stocking up for an apparently impending apocalypse that’s only in their mind (and they also purchased another 10 sets of toilet roles over the last week)? Are we still doing our best to love ourselves regardless of how much fear our family seems to be in? Or did we buy into the scarcity and rush to the shops to get as many things as we could incase we missed out? Scarcity is fear-based.

Did we see what was happening and still buy into the scarcity anyway? Were we completely unaware and now that our pantry is way over-stocked and we’ve no savings at all till the next pay slip are we wondering if there was a better way we could have spent our time and energy? However we’ve responded, it’s good to know.

Why is it good to know where we’re actually at? When we know where we’re actually at, how much we have become swept up in the hype, or how much we have actively and ferociously chosen to keep being kind, we know where we’re at.
Once we know where we’re at, we’re then able to respond to the situation accordingly.
For example, if you didn’t know that you actually had no more oil in the pantry, then you wouldn’t be aware so to then resolve it by going to the shops to buy some oil before you cook your next meal. Instead you might have spent your money on cereal because cereal is fun (I’m biased here, I like some cereal and the cereal I like, I really like). When you don’t know what’s going on, you’re not able to respond to the situation at present appropriately. To reframe this in the positive, to be aware of what’s going on within yourself, then you are able to respond to the situation at present appropriately.

So we know where we’re at – where to from here? Seek a solution to encourage yourself to evolve to be the best you can be. I’m not talking about being your best as in being the richest person in the graveyard (earning a whole bunch of money before you die), and I’m not talking about being the most intellectual know-all there is, nor am I talking about getting the more senior job at work because the organization tells you that doing that shows you that you are doing your best, and I’m also definitely not saying it’s about attempting to rub shoulders with every celebrity in the desperate hope of becoming famous. I’ve gone down all these routes (some intentionally, some unintentionally) and from my experience, there is no fulfillment, just a deeper hole of emptiness.

When I’m talking about encouraging you to evolve and be your best is how well to you respond in a crisis situation, do you respond with kindness and compassion or do you flip out into a little kid mode, frozen in fear or fighting in rage, in fear? Evolving is about being a compassionate and kind human being – are you able to look at your neighbour who has horded all the essentials for more than a month and see that there’s a part of them that is a scared animal that’s feeling unsafe, but that isn’t truly who they are. That scared animal is only a tiny bit of the generous soul they are but they have just forgotten that for the moment... Maybe? Or maybe your neighbour is just selfish and selfishness is for the most part, their default response? I don’t know. That’s for you to see for yourselves.

When you do notice that you have gone into a state of fear, do you choose to beat yourself up over it, never let yourself to live that down and punish yourself for days on end? Or, do you choose to acknowledge what happened, review to see what you could have done differently and actively choose to do it differently, still stay kind? When your body is starving and you’ve had a hard day at work, when you come home to your kids, partner or housemate, do you take that day out on them or do you do your best to remain patient while they’re talking to you about something amazing they’ve just learned? Do you still stay patient and accepting of them if they choose to ignore you when you’re home and do you still choose to nurture yourself? Or do you use it as an excuse to get angry at them and make it a reason for giving up on the relationship?

The choice is ultimately yours. It’s your life. How do you choose to respond? That is always your choice. Do you choose love and to evolve or fear?

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