Finding your core so you're strong and steady regardless of what's going on is absolutely crucial in the world we live in.


In many respects, it doesn't matter how much you know, how talented you are, how much money you have... your own integrity, your own love and self-respect isn't something that you can talk yourself into, it's not something you can buy off the shelf ready made by someone else. It's something that you need to cultivate within you steadily and relentlessly.

Some people find it really challenging to hold themselves to things they set out to do. For example, being the Christmas period, some people use this as an opportunity to indulge in hedonism and gluttony – for them, that makes it a wonderful time. Some choose to set a goal, or make a deal with themselves could be a way to cultivate that self-respect and self-love by doing something nurturing for yourself in the face of life situations which might promote otherwise - “Hey physical body, remember all the times we went on a binge eating chocolate, how do you feel after that? And how did you feel after we decided to eat all those veggies, a bit of meat, balanced some carbs and had some fruit? Remember how good that felt? Let's do that over this period, let's eat a balanced diet. Let's do this – when you start to feel the pressure of fitting in with others who aren't doing what we're doing, I'll stand by you and together, we will stick to this goal. It'll be just over the next few weeks, a short time. No chocolate binging, just moderate and healthy eating for that time.”

Just experiment – I'm an avid fan of experimenting – just see what happens if you choose to stand by yourself regardless of what happens, even if you slip up, it's okay. You can then choose to do a review – what happened? What would you have preferred to do then, reviewing now, given your new commitment?


Have another go!


For some people just it's about not putting themselves in a situation where they might be tempted with the habit to begin with – For example, if they know at a party there'll be a group of people standing around an binging on chocolate and another group of people socialising before the main meal, choosing to spend time with the people socialising instead.

For some people who have got that down pat – no urge to binge eat chocolate while they're with the socialising group of people, after going to these parties for some time now - it may be putting yourself in a mild situation where you might be tempted and see how well you can hold yourself, stand your ground. Like standing near a bowl of chocolates at the party, but focusing your attention on socialising, and when you find yourself drifting off into the land of smelling chocolate, just bringing yourself back to your intent of socialising with the people and saving your belly for the moderate main meal to come.

You are responsible for how you hold yourself, no one else – no matter what anyone says or what you might tell yourself sometimes. The choice is yours to follow through with the plan you set for yourself, or not – it's up to you.


Regardless of what happens, get yourself up, have another go at holding yourself, if you choose to. The best habits are worth practicing and working for. Create the life you wish to live.



Favourite Quote

"If you're going through hell, keep going."
Winston Churchill

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