Self-Mastery Session East Fremantle, Western Australia

If you would like to focus on:

  • Being the greatest you can be, here, now

  • Being the clearest reflection of your highest, clearest, brightest self to the best of your capacity in the face of adversity.

  • Choosing to love always, even when faced with fear.

  • Choosing to still be kind to yourself and others even when people are being cruel around you. Doing what you feel and know is the right thing to do, regardless of the consequences.

  • Choosing to nurture your soul when in a world of superficiality.

  • Yearning for a spiritual connection with your higher self, yearning for truth through all the glamour in the world, then this class may be for you.


This class:

  • Offers a no-frills approach to accelerated ascension for beginners.

  • Has a down to earth, conscious evolution focus on the alchemy of transmuting fear into unconditional love - unconditional love, this being, love given freely without expectation of return.

  • Offers basic training clearing of ourselves with the purpose of being of service for the highest good of all concerned – for the highest good all life forms including the planet herself, who is in dire need of our love and support.

Contact Faith to book a time to talk to see if the class is suitable for you.


They are based at Paper Bird - Children's Books and Art, in Fremantle, Western Australia, on Saturdays at 10:30am, $10/person.


Introduction to the class will cover:

  • Psychic protection (as a psychic protection class - how to maintain your energy and keep it heading in the direction you most desire in your heart of hearts, to evolve in unconditional love and above.)
  • What is psychic protection?
  • How to do psychic protection?
  • How to get psychic protection?
  • how to protect psychic abilities?
  • What does psychic protection mean?


Resources in this Psychic Protection 101 class will cover:

  • Psychic protection and shielding
  • Psychic protection aura shield
  • Psychic protection affirmations
  • Psychic protection bubble
  • Psychic protection during meditation
  • Psychic protection exercises
  • Psychic protection flame
  • Psychic protection tools
  • Psychic protection shield
  • Depending on how you go with the class, you may receive a psychic protection PDF with the resources covered from the class so you can continue to use them if you choose to.


These introduction classes will suit those seeking for:

  • Psychic protection for empaths
  • Psychic protection for sensitives
  • Psychic protection for beginners
  • Psychic empath protection
  • Psychic vampire protection from energy predators and parasites


If this speaks to you, you are committed and you wish for further training, we will cover:

  • Psychic protection for the home
  • Psychic protection with the angels
  • Psychic self-defense and protection
  • Psychic protection books
  • Psychic protection crystal books
  • Psychic protection frequency
  • Psychic protection from vampires
  • Planetary Healing
  • Evolution of Humanity
  • Evolving with Compassion
  • Mastering your life and evolving

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