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Continue to discover who you are and what you stand for. What do you choose when faced with the choices of love and fear? How can you choose to love regardless of what's going on in your life, what you've chosen previously and what people think you should or shouldn't do? 
These are the kinds of things we'll be discussing in the Saturday Session.

Tapping into that innate knowing deep within you, following what makes your heart sing, following the love throughout your day. 
Mastering the physical, emotional and mental bodies to play your part that you know you came to do, and if you've forgotten, then creating a space where you can remember. Meditations, discussions, discourses and clearing yourself to be the best version of who you are, bringing that to the world and sharing that with joy, are glimpses of what's on offer. If this sounds like home, then welcome.

Sessions go up to 1h from 3:30PM Western Standard Time, Perth, Western Australia.
The cost is $15/person
We also do remote teleconference sessions. Contact Faith for more information.

Coaching is where you are the expert in your life. If you are having difficulty with challenges presenting, my role here is to ask you questions to encourage you to find your solutions.

"Every problem contains the seeds to its own solution." (unknown)

At your pace. You set what you are working towards, you set the pace, you decide.

Sessions can be used for all sorts of reasons - they can be to acknowledge progress made, celebrate achievements, to go and face those inner demons and choose something more useful... All-in-all they are solution focused.

This is where acknowledging there is someone a few steps ahead of you in some respect - may it be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual skills - who is acting as a guide for how to approach life differently. This saves you valuable time and energy - instead of going at it alone through trial and error, someone else who has already been through the trial and error shares what works. However, it is you who does the change. The power is yours.

Arts Mentoring

Arts Mentoring

Mentoring session up to 1 hour.

Arts available for mentoring include, fine art (painting, sculpting, drawing, origami), music (voice, piano, composition, improvisation) and writing (stories, poetry)

Need assistance with getting the word out there?

We offer assistance for social media, websites, filming, video footage editing, background music and DVD creation to select businesses.