It is with some pleasure that I can provide a reference for Faith who I have had the opportunity to observe in working mode for some period of time.


Faith worked for an extremely busy medically based suburban practice group working across a number of disciplines and it has been my experience as both a patient and as a small business professional that she is multi skilled and diligent in her duties toward both patient and the practitioner relations.


My observation is that she has a strong command of the administration skills demanded of her position and beyond this is her client appointment management coupled to her empathic temperament in converstions with clients of the practice.


Faith is now moving on to seek new opportunities as the practice group is relocating further afield and is impacted by the tyranny of distance.


In conclusion I would strongly recommend Faith to any future employer seeking a benefit in employing the valuable skills she by nature readily displays.


Ian N. Smith – Business Consultant (23 May 2019)

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